Perfect Hand Sanitizer

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Q: Is hand sanitizer effective against Infectious diseases?

CCLIMGLAM Perfect hand sanitizer

1. Products proven to be safe and convenient by using high-quality raw materials

2. Products proven by many government accreditation agencies for the definite effect of hand sanitizers

3. Differentiated product considering simple skin disinfection effect and hand skin and moisturizing power

CCLIMGLAM Perfect Hand Sanitizer


Ethanol 70%

Ethanol 70% alcohol with the best effect. We use non-modified alcohol products without skin irritation rather than simple alcohol products. When using hand sanitizer, there is no phenomenon in advance and it is not sticky It is a refreshing, high-quality alcohol with no skin irritation.

• The amount of ethanol is key in denaturing organism's proteins and dissolving the lipids.
If the ethanol level is too high, for example, 100%, Our Perfect Hand Sanitizer contains 70% of Ethyl Alcohol

Premium raw material

Carbomer of EWG grade 1 raw material. Glycerin and tocopheryl to improve moisture and maintain moisture balance prevent skin damage to the hands. The basic disinfecting power of hand sanitizer protects the skin of the hand while taking it.

• 70% Ethyl Alcohol, Vitamin E, Moisturizes
• Ingredients: Ethyl Alcohol, Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate), Glycerin, Water, Polysorbate 20, Triethanolamine, Carbomer

Made in Korea

The hand sanitizer is FDA-resistered in the United States, and is also certified to European EN1276, and is a reliable product recognized in various tests. It is a high-quality hand sanitizer designed for customers' health and satisfaction.

• National Drug Code (NDC) :

73330-0008-2 (2.0 FL Oz / 60ml)
73330-0008-3 (8.45 FL Oz / 250ml)
73330-0008-4 (16.9 FL Oz / 500ml)

  • for Portable / Travel

  • 2.0 FL Oz / 60ml
  • for Office / Home

  • 8.45 FL Oz / 250ml
  • for Public / Shop

  • 16.9 FL Oz / 500ml

for Portable / Travel

2.0 FL Oz / 60ml

for Office / Home

8.45 FL Oz / 250ml

for Public / Shop

16.9 FL Oz / 500ml