Holika Holika Wine Therapy Sleeping Mask #Red Wine

Brand: Holika Holika
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Formulated with red wine 10%(france), adenosine, organic herb water. Instantly provides moisture and nutrition for skin. Jelly-like texture. Anti-wrinkle Main ingredients. Rosemary leaf, lavender, winter begonia, pansy extract etc.

  • Benefits: Anti-Wrinkle Smoothes Moisturizes Removes Dead Skin Cells
  • Cabernet Saurignon is the name of both the grape and the wine it produces. Cabernet is known as one of the world's finest red wines, with its depth of complexity and richness of flavor. Other names for this grape and wine are Petit Cabernet, Petit Vidure, Vidure, and in Italy, Ura Francese. Cabernet can be mellow and mild. Hearty and Rich. It has a deep red color. With the prime taste being black currant. Other overtones can include blackberry and mint. Traditionally aged in oak, the wine also takes on an oaky vanilla flavor. Holika Holika Wine Therapy Sleeping Mask (Red Wine) is an anti-wrinkle sleeping pack that makes your skin smooth and resilient with shape memory moisture membrane of red wine. Polyphenol, included in wine, gives resilience and makes your skin healthy. It easily removes dead skin cells and skin wastes, so that your skin gets smooth.

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