TONYMOLY I'm Real Mask x 11 Sheets

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TONYMOLY I'm Real Mask Sheets are formulated with natural ingredients specially chosen to brighten, tighten, hydrate...and more! The innovative sheet-style mask is soaked with the treatment serum. You simply lay the sheet on your clean skin and let the magic happen. 

  • 3 layered pulp sheet prevents evaporation
  • Highly absorbable adherable sheet
  • 5 free-parabene, talc, benzo-phenone, troethanolamin, artificial pigment
  • How to use : After cleansing and toning apply the sheet mask for 20-30 minutes, then remove mask and pat remaining product into the skin
  • - Lemon :Whitening/vit.C 
    - Tea tree : Tea tree extract relieves skin outbreak/maintain healthy and clean skin 
    - Tomato : Vitamine, fiber/remove dirt/sebum control 
    - Aloe : Soothing, hydrating/regenerate acne scar 
    - Pomegranate : resilience/female hormone 
    - Red wine : Tighten pores/against aging factor/exfoliation 
    - Sea weed : Skin clearance/radiance 
    - Brocolli : Vitamine A/raise skin resistance/anti-aging 
    - Rice : Improves skin tone/radiance 
    - Avocado : nourishing/ activates collagen, elastin synthesis 
    - Makkoli : Rice-fermented extract / clear skin tone

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