It's Skin Prestige Creme D'escargot

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Growth factor existing within the human body used to increase the number of cells and as medical ointments. Mucin which regenerates broken snail shell relieves and restores wounds and skin troubles Prescribed in ointments after surgeries to minimize scars, EGF increases cells to fill skin with younger cells Double action & no sticky residue; quick absorption

  • Included in the snail slime chondroitin can enhance the skin elasticity, solver skin problems, nursing horny while can calm the skin, make the skin more dynamic.
  • Pine Joel etc. extracts can improve the skin metabolism, make skin smooth and soft. Precious herbs extract provides the skin with moisture, make skin constantly maintain water embellish health.
  • Magic snail cream, containing the spiral snail secretion 12600mg can fully improve the skin quality. Especially for the dilute the scar, dark Cang printing, a magical effect in spots and narrow pores.
  • Deep wrinkles and coarse pores can also be easily improved, even the most dry and sensitive skin can also be restored to health the state of nature.

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