The Face Shop Real Nature Grind Mask Sheet x 15 Pcs

Brand: The Face Shop
Product Code: B0081S5OIG
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  • Acai Berry (Vitalizing) : Contains acai berry extract to improve resilience and provide moisturized firmness to the skin
  • Avocado (Nourishing) : Contains avocado extract, providing extra nutrition, helps revitalize dry and rough skin
  • Aloe Vera (Soothing) : A mask sheet that has aloe extract calms down the sensitive skin and provides moisture
  • Blueberry (Anti-aging) : Contains blueberry extract to help regain skin suppleness and prevents skin oxidation
  • Cucumber (Hydrating) : A mask sheet that has cucumber extract, which is rich in minerals and gives moisture to the skin
  • Honey (Radiating) : Contains honey and nicotinic acid, providing extra flow, helps regain skin radiance and moisture
  • Pomegranate (Revitalizing) : A mask sheet that has pomegranate extract which is rich in Vitamin B1&B2, as well as mineral. Gives Elasticity and glossy look
  • Kelp (Purifying) : This mask purifies skin, leaving it soft to the touch. It contains kelp extract to help eliminate impurities and protect skin from pollution. Perfect for urban dwellers
  • Lemon (Brightens) : A mask sheet that has lemon extract, which is rich in Vitamin C helps make the skin clearer
  • Mung Bean (Clarifying/Purifying) : This mask leaves the skin clear and radiant. In just a couple of minutes, it helps eliminate impurities that clog your pores, to leave your skin dazzling
  • Green Tea (Energizing) : Contains green tea extract that hydrates and refreshes dry skin
  • Olive (Intensive Moisturizing) : A mask sheet that has olive extract, which is rich with polyphenol, gives rough skin some moisture and nutrient
  • Red Ginseng (Nutritious) : Get toned and healthy-looking skin with this Red Ginseng mask. Known as the "root of long life," ginseng helps protect the epidermis and reduce the first signs of aging
  • Rice (Brightening) : This mask offers you a dazzling, even complexion. Known for its brightening properties, rice extract helps reduce the appearance of age spots and illuminates the skin
  • Shea Butter (Moisturizing) : Facial mask sheet that provides deep moisture, made out with shea butter as the main ingredient


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